[ X ] - 10 men Raid project

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[ X ] - 10 men Raid project Empty [ X ] - 10 men Raid project

Post  Hagger on Wed Jul 23, 2008 12:58 am

Thankyou for taking time to visit our forum.

[ X ] is a newborne Guild on Stormrage (EU) PvE, Horde side.

We are a group of real-life friends who decided to come back to WoW PvE for the freshly anticipated WotLK 10 men Raid-Progression.

not a hardcore guild, but not casuals either:

-we plan to raid 3/4 days a week from monday to thursday from 20.45 to 24 (00.30 if we feel like it)

if you have any questions u can create e topic in Public Discussion or contact Haggær, Horgar or Babas.

if you want to join us, you can post your apply here http://xguild.wowmmorpg.net/apply-here-f12/

see you in game


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